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Blueriver - the right choice for steel buildings

Blueriver Steel Buildings designs and builds high quality, custom designed steel buildings across the UK.

All our steel buildings are affordable, quick to build, robust and secure for use as agricultural buildings and barns, industrial sheds, retail buildings, garages, hangers for aviation, equestrian stabling, dog kennels, sport and leisure or storage units.

This site includes more than 50 case studies of steel-frame buildings from across the UK that we have built for statisfied customers in the last fifteen years. Let us help you get the right building for your needs.

For information about any aspect of steel buildings from planning to constructing, and for quotes on steel-framed buildings with truly competitive prices, call us on 01603 720245, or use our help and contact page.


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Blueriver's steel buildings can be tailor-made to the exact dimensions you require and come in almost any style or colour.

Whether you want extra space or an additional building for your car, aeroplane, horses, family, shop or industrial equipment or perhaps a new garage, or increased storage or workshops or a shed on your farm, we can help.


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All our steel buildings are built to individual specifications using extremely strong, high-tensile steel and portal frames.

The benefit of building in steel and using a steel frame is that the portal frame allows wide or high spaces to be spanned without interior walls or pillars giving open, accessible storage spaces able to take wide-winged aeroplanes, or bulky farm machinery such as combine harvesters, or tall-masted boats.

For workshops and warehousing this allows for a fully configurable interior for shelving or production-lines and windows, doors and skylights in almost any size giving you light, airy, workable spaces with full access for large vehicles.

Better still, portal frame construction means less steel is needed for larger spaces, reducing both building costs and construction times,  and with modern cladding and panels, buildings come in at lower cost than alternatives but with greater durability and lower maintenance giving you better buildings in less time at lower cost.

Blueriver Steel also help with design, location, site plans, construction and planning regulations for the steel buildings we design, so we aim to make the whole building process as smooth as possible.


Give us a call now on 01603 720245 or complete our contact form.


Featured Steel Building Case Studies:

Food Processing Plant Norfolk

Norfolk Larder seafood processing building on the North Norfolk coast. This steel building is a single storey steel unit finished in Ocean Blue, with large windows for natural light providing ample space for food processing and providing space for a small factory shop.

Storage shed for a farm with traction engine

Asymmetric steel building as a new addition to a set of farm units, providing storage space for a old-time traction engine among other items. The asymmetry was achieved with a dual-framed building creating two inner spaces lit from the top via skylights, and finished in a British racing green cladding.

Dairy Farm Building with Insulated Steel Walls

Agricultural Farm Dairy Unit supplied in 60mm wall and 60mm roof. The steel building is fire rated with insulation. View pictures of the building which is 6m wide x 12m long x 3m to eave with one roller door 3150 wide x 3000m high chain driven. Double insulated entrance door 1800mm wide x 2090mm high. Box profile exterior finish.

Classic Car Crash Repair Centre Suffolk

This classic car repair centre used a new, modern Blueriver steel building to replace an almost derelict 1950's bus garage, creating a secure, strong building for the repair of classic cars optimised for efficient use of space. Finished in blue steel, the building was supplied with large roller doors front and back and a mezzanine floor for maximum space.

Sports and Social Clubs

Scout Groups Village Halls Sports and Leisure Groups. Blueriver Steel provides a wide range of sport and leisure steel buildings from clubhouses to training facilities or equipment stores. Steel buildings are easy to maintain and extremely cost effective in creating large open spaces for sports and activities.

Boatshed and Workshop with Mezannine

Galvanised steel building designed for marine use and as a boatshed in black and grey. Used for the storage and maintenance of boats and yachts including upper level office space and high (5.5m) electric overhead doors for easy access for masted boats.

Retail Electrical Sales Unit

Electrical shop unit with storage constructed in Essex using a steel framed building. The shop providing both counter space and warehousing. The unit is clad in 60mm steel for the walls and 80mm steel for the roof, all fully insulated to enable year round working. Roller doors to the rear enable easy access for deliveries.

American Barn - Fertiliser Distribution

American Barn in steel with three entrances. This agricultural building is used for fertiliser distribution, but the flexibiltiy of this design and shape allows a wide variety of uses. For instance as other agricultural storage buildings, industrial building, workshops with office space or stabling for horses. This particular barn is built in a single steel skin up to 30m wide and 6m to the eave of the main building.


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Small steel shed in a tight space

Steel buildings don't have to be big as this small steel shed shows

Hercocks Steel Barn for Storage

A simple classic steel barn for warehousing or storage

Swimming Pools

Steel framed building with glass windows to create a light and airy private indoor swimming pool.

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