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Industrial Doors

Gilderol Industrial roller doors for larger scale steel buildings

Series B Industrial Doors

Unprecedented in Construction and Design

In terms of technical excellence and superior design, the Gliderol Industrial Rol-a-Door is unsurpassed in the manufacturing industry. The Gliderol Roller Door will undoubtedly add style and character to any building; the Industrial Rol-a-Door can be made to suit most commercial/industrial openings, and is designed to provide reliable service for years to come.

The Gliderol Industrial Rol-a-Door through years of research and development has evolved into a product demanding world wide attention. Computer assisted technology has enabled Gliderol to develop its manufacturing processes to produce an award winning industrial door that is cost effective, strong, hard-wearing and safe.

Quality, Security and Safety that can be relied on

The Gliderol Industrial Rol-a-Door will provide you with strength and safety as a priority at all times. The strength gained from the unique broadline profile and aluminum bottom rail is unrivaled. As a commercial enterprise you must take into account the security of your business, with the Gliderol Industrial Rol-a-Door your security is guaranteed for many years. A Gliderol Roller Door will always remain a very safe garage door for you to operate throughout its life-span. The unique spring assisted spindle assembly will enable the Roller Door to always open and close easily, providing reliable performance at all times.

The Glidermatic GRD opener is the first operator of its kind especially designed for continuous sheet curtain doors, available exclusively from Gliderol International Pty Ltd.

This uniquely engineered unit will provide you with an economical, dependable, high quality operator for doors up to 5.0 metres wide and 5.0 metres in height.

The Drive Unit remains the only operator available with the orbiting drive motors fully housed within the coil of the door, and it requires only minimal field installation time as a result of this innovative design feature. The Drive Unit may be factory fitted inside the coil of the door or retrofitted to an existing installed door and comes complete with emergency chain hoist. Installation required only an additional 75mm of side room to that of a manual push-up door or the same space required for our direct or reduce gear ratio drive chain hoist.

Power supply required to the wall mounted Control Box is standard supply voltage single phase. All control circuits and wiring to the Drive Unit are a low 24 volt DC; a plug-in wire is supplied to connect the Drive Unit to Control Box.

The Drive Unit accommodates one or two 1/3 HP DC motor(s), according to door size. The Control Box features three buttons for the UP, DOWN and STOP functions providing convenient, safe and secure operation of the door.

Safety reversing and obstruction control is via the use of an optional PE Cell linked directly to the Control Box to interrupt the door function and by the use of Gliderol's patented obstruction detection system built into the control circuitry.

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