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Stables and equestrian buildings - Photo Gallery

We provide a wide range of steel buildings for stabling and animal housing. Here are a selection of images from buildings we've installed across the UK providing for both animal comfort and security

Stables and Equestrian Buildings - Picture 1

American barn style stables

Built to 35m wide and 60m long The Amercan Barn style stables can be used for a multitude of uses for equestrian use. Our stables can be built to your specifications and requirements whether you have a large number of horses or just one.

Inside the stables, different partition walls allow for flexible use of the stables for both stabling of the horses themselves and for storing tack and equipment. The steel structure allows for the maximum amount of space whilst providing flexibility in design, with the steel itself providing a robust yet attractive look to the building.

For a free quote for stables or any other equestrian using the form in our contact section.

stables internal walls stable unit itself

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