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A typical aircraft hangar

What does a Blueriver Steel Buildings aircraft hangars look like?

Here we have the site for an aircraft hangar for a Diamond Aviation DA42.

Its been designed to fit into an existing space adjacent to a much larger aircraft hangar on the same airfield at Bagby Airfield near York.

Bagby airfield and aircraft hangers from the air


The white aircraft hangar on the left hand side, half way along provides some cosmetic shelter to the new hangar.

Typical aircraft hanger elevations

Note, because of the modular structure, there is a high degree of flexibility as to where doors, windows, vents are all places

Hanger Doors

Roller and sliding doors are your most likely solutions to getting your aircraft in and out of its hangar. The modular design of a Blueriver Steel Building aviation hanger means that placement and size of doors can be arranged to accommodate your plane.

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