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Agricultural Machine workshop

Commercial machine workshop for use in an agricultural setting. This simple steel shed shows how even a basic steel building design provides ample interior space for larger vehicles and offers tremendous flexibility in the use of the building.

Fully insulated to 40mm wall and 40mm roof.

10m wide x 15m long x 4.5m to eave

one roller door 4370mm wide x 4200mm high chain drive

one insulated side door

Ridge to gutter twin wall skylights

AS35/1000 PIR Roof and Wall Panel

AS35/1000 PIR Roof and Wall Panel

A client

Simple steel shed used as agricultural machine workshop

External view of steel framed machine workshop with steel roller door and side door

Interior view of spacious workshop

Steel roller door mechanism

Detail of steel frame structure

Insulated side door

Side door

Spacious interior for larger vehicles

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